For Sale: Premier HTS700 & Hosbilt Bass & Tenor drum

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Ronnie Gankema
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For Sale: Premier HTS700 & Hosbilt Bass & Tenor drum

Beitrag von Ronnie Gankema » 16. Dezember 2012 13:18

The MacDowell Pipe Band from Groningen, Holland is selling their Premier HTS700 & Hosbilt Bass & Tenor drums!

We bought the drums in the winter of 2006. They are in very good condition, some of the drums are allmost never used.

We have:
- 5 snaredrums
- 3 tenordrums (15"x12", 16"x12" & 18"x14")
- 1 bassdrum (28"x16")

Bass & Tenors have Powermax Heads.
Snares have Coretec heads on top.

Colour of the shells is Sapphire Blue(Woodgrain)and the hardware is Silver.

Price for the full set €2450,-
When selling them seperately, the price is:
5 x Snaredrum €275,- each
3 x Tenordrum €250,- each
1 x Bassdrum €325,-

Please contact for pictures and further info.